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Vera Pace: Guiding a Global Impact

Vera Pace for Influential Leaders

We work with leaders to create environments where people, profit, and the planet flourish sustainably.

About Tiz Benvenuto

Tiz Benvenuto began her career as a Certified Public Accountant. After obtaining her Certified Management Consulting designation, she acquired several years’ experience in:

  • strategic planning,
  • performance management
  • process improvement, and
  • risk management,

working with all organizational levels in a variety of industries.

Years of solving process problems confirmed the significance that leadership has on:

  1. operational effectiveness,
  2. organizational results, and
  3. people’s sense of purpose and belonging.
About Vera Pace Tiz
Tiz Benvenuto, Founder, Vera Pace
CTT Practitioner, TNLP, TCHt, MTLT, CMC, CPA CA

Tiz’s desire to have a sustainable impact influenced her shift in focus from business processes to people, profit and the planet.

She finds fulfilment in effecting transformation. Tiz created Vera Pace to support leaders with:

  • measuring and managing their organizational culture,
  • developing their conscious awareness, and
  • encouraging business impact beyond a bottom line.

Tiz is a graduate of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles™ Train the Trainer program. It was this experience that sparked an interest in human behavior. This interest led her to become a:

  • Board Certified Results Coach
  • Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy
  • A Master of Time Line Therapy®

Her interest in the significance of values as key drivers of:

  • human aspirations,
  • intentions,
  • decisions, and
  • results

led her to become a Certified Practitioner in Culture Transformation Tools®. Accordingly, Tiz is a member of the Barrett Values Centre global network of Barrett Consultants and Coaches. This network helps thousands of organizations and leaders around the world achieve new levels of success by shaping culture to support strategy.

Don’t just play the game… Change it for good.

Richard Branson

Tiz loves transformation.

Whether it is adding paint to a blank canvas, giving old furniture a new life, reinventing a garden or living space, guiding someone through a breakthrough experience, or facilitating the kind of conversation that changes the legacy of an organization.

Are you ready to experience transformation?

About Vera Pace

Vera Pace Consulting specializes in:

  • Neurolinguistic and values-based methodologies in culture transformation and leadership enhancement.
  • Engaging people in personal and organizational transformation.
  • Supporting leaders through greater self-awareness, enhanced human skills, more influence and better results.

Vera Pace enhances human potential by partnering with leaders committed to working towards:

  • Personal transformation,
  • Workforce empowerment,
  • Innovative solutions,
  • Extraordinary results, and
  • A sustainable business and human legacy.
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At the Heart of Vera Pace

Life is better when you love yourself, love what you do, and love the world.

Love Yourself
Love Yourself

A Leader Worth Following

A leader worth following is consciously aware of self first.

When you embody values that show a love for who you are and who you are to become, only then do you have the capacity to sustain the effective leadership of others.

How you show up anywhere is a complex algorithm of life experiences that influence:

  • values,
  • beliefs,
  • attitudes,
  • decisions,
  • actions,
  • results and more.

Everyone has past experiences that create limitations that hold them back in some way. Left unchecked, limitations keep us stuck. When those limitations loosen or release, you are better equipped to be you.

Authenticity creates trust. Trust underpins influence. The real you; is true peace. Vera Pace.

Love the world
Love What You Do

Engaging Fully with What’s Important

Loving what you do – at home, work or play – is being aligned with what you value. Values are intimately related to your needs. Whatever is important to you or is missing from your life, is what you value.

Your value priorities change as life conditions change. This is part of the human experience, maturity, and conscious growth. When you use your values to make decisions, you focus on what you need to feel a sense of alignment and well-being. This brings more peace into your life.

Engagement is a measure of emotional and intellectual involvement people have with an organization, team, family, or community. It has a direct impact on the amount of enthusiasm and commitment an individual shows up with.

When you are engaged, you devote a high level of discretionary energy to your activity, role, or responsibility.

You are willing to:

  • go the extra mile to get a job done well and on time,
  • put forward suggestions for improved performance, and
  • want to feel a sense of pride in being part of your group’s success.

Now that is loving what you do and that experience creates a ripple of peace around you. Vera Pace.

love the world
Love The World

Who and What You Stand For

Who you are and what you stand for is the new frontier of competitive advantage. Leaders all over the world are discovering that ethics and values are as important as the quality of goods and services offered. The masses demand that their leaders act with integrity beyond the boundaries of the organization. Humanity wants leaders to become more accountable to society.

Humanity is ready for a business and politics global paradigm shift. There is a desire for a shift from a world focused on self-interest, to a world focused on the common good. This is a shift from a ‘what’s in it for ME’ to a “what’s best for WE’ type of WORLD.

These shifts begin with the personal transformation of leaders and the legacy left by past leaders. For change to occur, the values embedded in the organization:

  • structures,
  • policies,
  • systems,
  • procedures, and
  • incentives

must also change.

Human well-being is the new central key idea for guiding human development. Helping humans grow and develop must be at the center of measurement processes.

When you know and discuss what is important to people, when people feel safe and have a sense of purpose and belonging, the process of collaboration for overall well-being and true peace begins. Vera Pace.