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= Leadership + Culture + Sustainability

Values-Based Leaders Create Effective Workplace Cultures

We are devoted to leadership development, culture transformation, and sustainability in business.

Vera Pace is a unique consulting group. We provide a people centric approach to expanding human potential. We are catalysts for a new, more people-awareness approach to business. For this reason, our services are values-based and infused with an understanding of human behaviour. The synthesis of these proven, effective methodologies expedites:

in individuals and in environments where people and outcomes matter.

VERA PACE: Where Values-Based Leadership Thrives

Helping you make a big difference in your world.

Vera Pace, A Unique Holistic and Humanistic Approach to Leadership

Our ME * WE * World Leadership Approach

Self Leadership
Lead Others by First Leading Self

Values-Based Assessment & Neurolinguistics

We use values-based assessment tools and neurolinguistic processes to:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Release distracting limitations
  • Focus on real results
  • Measure and manage self-development

It is easy to aspire to values. To really know what we value, being conscious of where we spend our time, money and energy is a true reflection of what we value. And sometimes what we value is potentially limiting and holding us back!

Contact us for a Personal Values Assessment and learn what values can tell you.

Team Leadership
Release the Wisdom in Your Workplace

Values-Based Assessments & Structured Methodology

We use values-based assessments and structured methodologies to highlight:

  • What motivates your organization, what is and isn’t working, and what could be a clear path forward.
  • Strengths and potential obstacles to merging two businesses or integrating multiple teams.
  • What is important to your key stakeholders and how they perceive your organization.

Schedule a call with us for more details about how values assessments can be used in your unique scenario to improve your business results.

World Leadership
Make a Sustainable Difference

Values-Based Assessments & Sustainability Goals in Business

Organizations that have greater people-awareness are open to assessing the impact and results their business has beyond their bottom line. People-centred businesses contribute to a greater good in their community, society, and the world.

We help leaders consider and respond to how sustainable their culture is. We encourage business responsibility for a more sustainable future for humanity.

Do your organization’s strategy and results reflect People, Profit, Planet?

Take a free Cultural Sustainability Self-Assessment. See where your organization is with making a positive sustainable difference. Let us help you explore the opportunities available to you.

Organizations and societies don’t change. People do.

Organizational values & culture affect:

Personal Well-Being

Community Well-Being

National Well-Being

Global Well-Being

Sustainable Development policies are key to global well-being. Business and their leaders are integral to influencing policy-making and ensuring the well-being of humanity.

What Does Vera Pace Mean?

“Vera” means TRUE

“Pace” means PEACE

At Vera Pace, true peace is unmasked personal expression and collective cohesion.

Vera Pace is the expression of full human potential, in all forms, for the greater good.

“A culture of peace is one in which all people belonging to a group can get their needs met.”

Richard Barrett

Values + Culture + Sustainable Business = A Worthy Legacy

Frequently Asked Questions

During an intake session, we learn more about your current experience. After this, we begin your unique one-on-one development experience. The experience may be as simple as an Individual Values Assessment with a debriefing or as life-changing as an NLP Breakthrough Coaching Experience.

A disconnection between leaders and their teams creates dysfunction and wastes potential. Because transformation starts with the most senior leadership, it’s important to get their attention and buy-in. A Corporate Values Assessment highlights:

  • what is working
  • what is not working
  • where there is potential for improvement

in your group or organization. Contact us for an overview.

Every team and organization is as unique as the individuals that comprise it. As a result, the time needed for improvements depends on the amount of existing entropy. Entropy is the degree of dysfunction in an organization. It’s generated by self-serving and fear-based actions of the leaders. The willingness of leaders to commit to their transformation first expedites transformation for the organization. In fact, where senior leader commitment is high, transformation is extraordinary.

Even the best-run businesses can profit from monitoring their cultural evolution. What you measure, you can manage. When you measure cultural evolution, you unearth challenges and find opportunities before they become issues. So, when you seek and use wisdom in your workforce, innovation escalates.

Contact us today to set up a 20-minute consultation!

What Leaders Are Saying

The Small Group Values Assessment we experienced clearly reflected the disarray and frustration we all experience here. Having the debrief session with Tiz was a great opener to much-needed dialogue. The dialogue and preliminary planning set us up for an easier merger of our international teams. We are at the early stages and appreciate this will evolve over time. Looking forward to more to come.


Principal Consultant

BC Testimonial

My Breakthrough Experience highlighted how compartmentalizing was affecting my health. I learned how my experiences in the past, even as a young child, were affecting how I showed up as a CEO. This awareness and practice freed me of specific anxiety related to my role. I also learned that I needed to express myself more and set very specific boundaries. This improved my effectiveness as a leader in my work and in my personal life. B.C., CEO




The Culture Values Assessment we experienced highlighted some issues I had no idea we had. The workshops that followed allowed us to get a deeper understanding of the results. We outlined priorities that needed our attention, and we are now on a path of action with a clear purpose. L.L. Vice President


Vice President

rs testimonial

My private session with Tiz highlighted how I’ve been self-sabotaging myself. I was creating stories that were holding me hostage to specific relationships. Tiz asked probing questions that had me discern my own self-imposed limitations. That was powerful. Seeing this allowed me to set a clear plan for what I will change over the next six months. R.C., Business Owner


Business Owner

TT Testimonial

The 4-month Training Program Tiz created for our team of entrepreneurs was amazing. It offered each of us a chance to dig deeper. She brought unique techniques to us, including Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. It surprised me how helpful these were. T.T. Entrepreneur